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Welcome Magalia Neighbors!

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We're your neighbors on Humbug. We're also your top choice on the Ridge for Butte County CCW training. We're located conveniently near you and small enough to be flexible about dates and times.

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Easy locations

We can do the lecture portions of classes in a variety of places, including your home (if that's most convenient for you) or at an out-of-the-way table at one of our fine Magalia dining establishments. Range qualification takes place at a local outdoor range either before or after the lecture; your choice. (In inclement weather we have other options.) Holster training sessions call for a range that's nearly free of fixed infrastructure, so we do those near the uphill end of Humbug and bring in a mobile range setup.

Good class sizes

We're happy to teach individuals or small groups, including families and/or groups of friends.

Good prices

We're moderately priced: not the cheapest nor the most expensive CCW instructors in Butte County but (we modestly believe) the best for your money. Our view on CCW instruction is that we don't teach you how to pass a test and carry a piece of paper; we teach you how to survive a deadly encounter and its aftermath.

Thanks for checking us out. We look forward to talking with you! The links at left will take you on into the website. Don't miss our upcoming NRA RSO class or these updates to the CCW process in Butte County!

Dennis & Anne Barrett, Owners and Instructors, Black Oak Training

PS: 10% discount to veterans (with ID).

We are NRA certified instructors

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