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We are NRA certified instructors

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Privacy and Security policy

We believe your privacy and security are important and will protect it to the best of our ability. This policy applies to all of our classes and services.

We do confirm your identity against your photo ID before the class. That is the only use of your photographic image. Absolutely NO CAMERAS OR CELL PHONES are allowed in the classroom or on the range.

We do work with local gun ranges in our training and qualification sessions and are cleared by the owners and managers of such facilities ahead of time. We will have you complete range-relevant documentation as specified by that facility. An NRA-trained BOT Range Safety Officer, pre-cleared by and known to range management, is present for every range session.

In terms of online privacy: we do not set cookies. We do not sell or otherwise seek to profit from the contact information you provide, although we may preserve some information for use by Black Oak Training.

We have an email list (The Bullet List---get it? Yeah, we just slay us...) and figure we have two reasons to send you email:

  • The first reason is simple newsletter stuff. The Bullet List comes out at intermittent intervals based entirely on when we get a shiny new idea or accumulate enough new info to create a message we think you'll find interesting. This includes alerts on changes in CCW-relevant law, as we learn of them.
  • The second reason is reminders for our CCW and RSO graduates. We'll send you a notification when your CCW is getting close to its expiration date or your NRA ratings (including your RSO) are up for renewal, based either on when you completed that class with us or on a date you provide.

In either case, we do not sell or otherwise seek to profit from your subscription information. (We do preserve some information for statistical use by our webmasters, but that's internal: we are multi-talented wonders and handle our website ourselves.)

We do not set cookies. (We eat them. We do not set them.)

You also should know that you can manage your subscription profile or safely unsubscribe from this email list at any time by using links included at the bottom of each message.

We manage the list through MailChimp. So you know, MailChimp is a licensee of the TRUSTeĀ® Privacy Program. MailChimp has been awarded TRUSTe's Privacy Seal signifying that their privacy policy and practices have been reviewed by TRUSTe for compliance with TRUSTe's program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information.

If you have questions about this Black Oak Training privacy policy, please contact us.

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