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Our CCW Classes

We cater to practical individuals who are serious about learning how to defend their own and their family's lives. We don't teach you how to carry a card; we teach you how to survive an encounter and its aftermath.

We offer CCW classes every Friday & Saturday and often in between! We're happy to add a class for a minimum of two students.

Classes must start promptly in order to get everyone out at a reasonable time. We strongly advise you to check our FAQs for further information on both the process and things you should bring to class.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea supports the 2nd Amendment and the arming of responsible, law-abiding citizens. Occasionally his office sends out procedural updates regarding CCW training in Butte County. When those affect you we'll post them here.

Again, see our FAQs page for more information.


General Info

Classroom session: covers safety, nomenclature, the law, concealment issues and options, and situational awareness (in addition to other topics) and concludes with a written exam. You must correctly answer all 25 questions on the written exam. No firearms or ammo in class.

Range session: you'll shoot ten rounds into a regular CCW target with a minimum of eight hits on target, distance 21'. No scopes or lasers will be used. All shooting is done in a two-handed, extended-arm position. No warm-ups prior to qualification. Additional marksmanship coaching is available after the qualification period and, if you wish, you may make a second attempt at qualification after that. Limit two attempts before scheduling an additional coaching/qualification session.


BCSO Requirements and Qualifications

Check the Butte County Sheriff's Office, Records Division webpage for how to apply for a new CCW or renew an existing one. (Click the Documents link to find the list of requirements, disqualifiers, application procedures, and the application form itself along with a handy Quick Reference Checklist of steps.) For both new and renewing CCWs, your letter of approval from the Sheriff signifies the successful completion of background checks and is your "permission to proceed" to obtain training. It is good for 90 days.

Note that you need not have the letter physically in hand to take this class. You should be reasonably certain it's about to arrive, however. Most people make a training appointment for any day within those 90 days.

We do not refund the cost of a class taken ahead of your receipt of permission should the Sheriff decline to approve your CCW application. (See our Refund Policy for more info.)


Additional Holster & Tactical Training

This optional module consists of additional holster and tactical training that takes you beyond the requirements for CCW qualification. We train you in drawing from concealment; trigger control; and shooting from instinctive, point, and flash-sight conditions. To qualify for the extended range session you must have a current California CCW. You'll want some additional stuff (holsters, concealment garments, and so on) covered in the FAQs.


Adding a Handgun to an Existing CCW

One hour minimum. An additional range fee is due at the time of the meeting. The amount depends on which local range is used.


Private Classes

We also do private classes and can complete the lecture/written test portion at your home or office, as long as it meets our space requirements. (See our FAQs for those.) Contact us to get started on arrangements.


Optional Email Reminders

When you agree to be added to The Bullet List we'll set up an email reminder, to arrive a couple of months before your current CCW expires. (Heck, you don't even have to have had your latest CCW training from us to get a reminder! Simply sign up here and specify your expiration date.)


  • Basic CCW: $100, plus range fees
  • Additional Holster & Tactical Training: $100, plus range fees
  • Adding a handgun to an existing CCW: $35/hour, one hour minimum

You can take care of this by check or cash in person, or right here via PayPal:


Choose class fee only or class and range fee:
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