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Course Name:
Real Basics: Handgun Selection and Safety

Offered quarterly
Location: near Paradise, CA


Recently we've seen a number of people (primarily women shooters) come down to the range with shiny new handguns that are inappropriate to their hand size, strength, and self-defense or recreational objectives. We offer this class to help reverse that trend.

This course is for people seeking a basic firearms orientation. It's especially good for first-time purchasers. We provide safe, hands-on introduction to the different types and actions of handguns with an emphasis on safety and best fit with your own hand size, strength, and objectives.

More Detail

Get to know your new or rediscovered handgun! If you haven't yet selected your handgun, this is the class in which you can try out different grips and sizes to help you make your best choice.

Includes: safe handling and transport; correct loading and unloading techniques; range etiquette and recommended range-bag contents; building good firearm maintenance habits; dry-fire skills for use at home; marksmanship assessment and coaching by an NRA Distinguished Expert in Basic Pistol and Defensive Pistol I and II. Handouts include relevant additional community resources such as local gun clubs and gun smiths.

Highly recommended for those new to firearms before going for the permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Starting location is by group agreement: a dry-fire range session can precede live-fire range work, or class can start at the live-fire range.


Class Seating Limits

This class has space for 4 students; lower limit is 2.


Per hour per student: $35, not including range fees if the selected range site requires one.

Class Duration

By the hour. Most of these classes take about two hours, but there's no upper limit to how many hours you can have. Can be broken into different days to accommodate calendar or mobility challenges.


Classroom and range. Specific class sites depend on how many students register.* You'll receive ample notification and complete directions. Range fees extra.



  1. Contact us to arrange a date and time.
  2. Return here to pay for the first hour of class:


(BOT's Refund Policy)


That's it! We'll contact you with map and instructions, and see you in class.

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