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We are NRA certified instructors

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Private Firearms Coaching

Need some private coaching? We offer additional gun familiarization, gun safety, and marksmanship training at $35 per hour for instructor time, one hour minimum. (An additional range fee is due at the time of the meeting, and this fee varies depending on which local range is used.)

Depending on your current skill level, we have multiple associates on whom to call to be sure of providing valuable guidance.


Per hour per student: $35, not including range fees if the selected range site requires one.

Class Duration

By the hour. Most of these classes take about two hours, but there's no upper limit to how many hours you can have. Can be broken into different days to accommodate calendar or mobility challenges.


Classroom and range. Specific class sites depend on how many students register. You'll receive ample notification and complete directions. Range fees extra.



  1. Contact us to arrange a date and time.
  2. Return here to pay for the first hour of class:


(BOT's Refund Policy)


That's it! We'll contact you with map and instructions, and will see you in class!


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