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We strongly recommend Second Call Defense

See their video on why

Second Call DefenseYou've probably thought a lot about how you'll defend yourself if you're forced to use a firearm. Have you thought about what you'll do AFTER a self-defense shooting?

We all have the right to defend ourselves. Unfortunately, you still can find yourself in a lot of trouble. You can be arrested, jailed, sued, fired, and bankrupted... even when you have legally and justifiably used a gun in self defense.

To answer that question for our own household we joined an organization called Second Call Defense, and we recommend that you consider joining as well. This is a membership program that offers immediate legal and financial support in addition to training for those who carry firearms for self-defense. (If you carry and aren't yet a member of Second Call Defense, you really might want to rethink your strategy.)

Click here to watch their YouTube video for a quick overview


"If you use a firearm in self defense, your first call should be to 911 to request an ambulance and law enforcement;
your second call should be to Second Call Defense."


If you carry, joining Second Call Defense would be one of your smarter moves.