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Customer Comments

We've collected some nice comments since the start and thought, well, gee--why not share a few of these with the world?

"Clear & concise information shared in an easy-to-understand format. Thank you!" -- K.M., 06/2018 "Very impressed and happy with training." -- S.N., 07/2018
"Thanks for the most comprehensive course I’ve had in ten years of carrying. Well done!" --T.M., 04/2018 "Would recommend to friends and family. Very happy with my decision to take my class here." - B.G., 01/2018
"Really thorough. Learned more than in my last 3 sessions." - T.H., 03/2018 "This organization is the only one I will use and recommend!" - M.H., 12-2017
"Best CCW class attended to date." _R.D., 11/2017 "Excellent instructor and information." - D.C., 11/2017
"Fantastic class, learned much, can't wait to start practical training courses." - S.M., 10/2017 "Very informative, comfortable to attend. Instructor is a pro!" -- D.W., 10/17
"Enjoyed the class -- more in-depth than others I have taken." -- M.H., 9/2017 "Dennis is very thorough, well-organized, and knowledgable. This was a great class." -- C.M., 9/2017
"I learned more in this class ON TOP of my knowledge from all four prior CCW classes combined." -- R.B., 7/2017 "It was a pleasure being in the class. I feel like I truly benefited." -- C.B. 7/2017
"This is the best CCW course I have ever taken." -- W.W. 7/2017 "My training experience from first contact to end of training was first rate. I will recommend your company to others. Dennis is an excellent trainer and I enjoyed spending the day with him." -- B.C. 5/2017
"Best class in 30 years of CCW classes." -- K.S. 7/2017
"...The dry fire drills you showed have been a tremendous help and I am looking forward to see my progress next time at the range!" -- C.M. 6/2017 "Best class in 30 years of CCW classes." -- K.S. 7/2017
"Best CCW class attended to date." - J.D., 12/2017
"Outstanding instructor/lecturer!" -- DM 5/2017 "Had a WONDERFUL experience!" -- D.H. 7/2017
"Very impressive--much better than my last class." -- K.B. 8/2017 [About our NRA Range Safety Officer course] "Excellent course. Well worth the time. I think this is a course everyone could benefit from whether they want to be a Range Safety Officer or not," -- P.W., 3/2017
"Excellent instructor and information." - D.C., 11/2017