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Cancellation/Refund Policy

Please review this Cancellation/Refund policy. We believe it's fair to you, to other students, and to us.

The only way we can know if a class is full is that the specified number of students have registered and paid their instructor fees. When class IS full, we have to turn away others who would have liked to attend. If you cancel too close to class, or fail to show up for class, you keep someone else from attending (and, frankly, you cost us a student). Therefore:

  • Be sure you can attend a class before signing up for it.
  • Once your space in a regular BOT class has been scheduled and paid for, there are no refunds. If you reschedule at least 72 hours before the class, there is no charge for rescheduling. However, if you reschedule less than 72 hours before class time, there is a $30.00 rescheduling fee.
  • Occasionally we offer training with guest instructors. In those cases, once your space has been scheduled and paid for there are no refunds less than 30 days before class date.
  • In some cases we may specify in the class description that we will accept 50% deposits on a space in class. If you put down a deposit to hold your space, the balance is due in full 21 calendar days prior to the date of class.

Specific to CCW classes

As described on our CCW page, obtaining a new or renewed CCW requires approval from the Butte County Sheriff. Now and then, due to student scheduling needs, we've included a student in a CCW class prior to that student's actual receipt of approval. This is not recommended. Should that student subsequently learn that permission has been denied, we do not refund the cost of class. (In other words, be certain your approval from BCSO is either in hand or sure to arrive soon before arranging for CCW training.)


Free Offers, Donated Classes, and Class Purchases with Dates Specified Later

See our Terms and Conditions page for guidelines specific to free offers, donated classes, and class purchases where the date is specified later.

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