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8-Hour CCW Classes

Classroom session: covers safety, nomenclature, the law, concealment issues and options, and situational awareness (in addition to other topics) and concludes with a written exam. You must correctly answer all 25 questions on the written exam. No firearms or ammo in class.

Range session: you'll shoot ten rounds into a regular CCW target with a minimum of eight hits on target, distance 21'. No scopes or lasers will be used. All qualification shooting is done from the bench. No warm-ups prior to qualification. Additional marksmanship coaching is available after the qualification period and, if you wish, you may make a second attempt at qualification after that. The remainder of the time consists of additional holster and tactical training. Read more about this here.



8-Hour CCW: $175, plus range fees. You can handle this by check or cash in person, or right here via PayPal:

Choose class fee only or class and range fee:
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