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We cater to practical individuals who are serious about learning how to defend their own and their family's lives. We don't teach you how to carry a card; we teach you how to avoid a shooting event if possible, to survive an encounter if unavoidable, and to deal with the aftermath. We offer the following for both Butte & Tehama County residents:

We offer CCW classes every Tuesday & Saturday and often in between. We're happy to add a class for a minimum of two students, but check here for guidelines on individual (private) classes. Classes must start promptly in order to get everyone out at a reasonable time. We strongly advise you to check our FAQs for further information. (Here are notes on process updates from the counties for which we teach.)


Requirements and Qualifications

Depending on your county of residence, check the Butte County Sheriff's Office "Online Sheriff's Forms" webpage or the Tehama County "Concealed Weapons" webpage for requirements and other information on how to apply for a new CCW or renew an existing one in that county.

For both new and renewing CCWs, approval of your application signifies the successful completion of your background check.

Be certain your approval from your county is either in hand or certain to arrive soon before arranging for a class. We do not refund the cost of a class taken ahead of your receipt of approval, should the Sheriff decline to approve your application. (See our Refund Policy for more info.)


Optional Email Reminders

When you agree to be added to The Bullet List we'll set up a reminder to arrive by email a couple of months before your current CCW expires. (Heck, you don't even have to take your training with us to get a reminder! Simply sign up here and specify your expiration date.)