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Holster and Tactical Training

Our Holstering Class teaches you how to draw safely from concealment and engage targets from five to 20+ feet away. We train you in drawing from concealment; trigger control; and shooting from instinctive, point, and flash-sight conditions. You'll also learn and practice tactical and emergency reloading. We again go over situational awareness and further explore the difference between concealment and cover (and how to select the best of both given available options).

Both the modules below are included in the eight-hour
initial CCW course. They also are taught separately.

General Info

Dry-Fire Range Session: This session is for true beginners, as determined by your own self-assessment along with a realistic discussion with your instructor. The session involves work on a dry-fire range where you'll learn and drill a multi-step draw process until good habits are formed and your brain is demonstrably well-acquainted with each step in order.

This is a good opportunity to revisit practical issues taught in either the 4-hour or 8-hour CCW class.

Live-Fire Range Section: This session takes your skills to the live-fire range for consolidation and reinforcement.

Once you've demonstrated the reliable ability to safely draw and fire live ammunition from a holster, we move into defensive shooting in a variety of scenarios.


Dry-Fire Range Live-Fire Range
Two people maximum Two people maximum
Eye protection Eye and ear protection
Your firearm Your firearm
A strong-side, outside the waistband holster A strong-side, outside the waistband holster
Concealment garment Concealment garment
You'll be using our dummy and/or laser ammo, so let us know the caliber of your firearm 100+ rounds of appropriate ammunition
A minimum of two magazines for that firearm


Pricing as part of an eight-hour CCW class

Included in the price of the class


Pricing as a separate class

  • Section 1: $35/hr
  • Section 2: $35/hr plus range fees

You can take care of this by check or cash in person, or right here via PayPal:

(BOT's Refund Policy)