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Handgun Marksmanship CoachingCourse Name:
Marksmanship Coaching, Handguns

Offered frequently
Location: near Paradise, CA


Need a tune-up or even some fine-tuning on your marksmanship prior to your CCW certification or renewal? This is the one for you.


Per hour per student: $35 plus, potentially, a $10 range fee that's good for multiple consecutive hours. ("Potentially" is based on your range selection, below.)

Class Duration

By the hour, one hour minimum. Most of these classes take one to two hours. You can return for as many sessions as will be useful. (Take note that most people who do NOT go to the range every other day find that one intensive hour is quite enough for a first session.)


You have the option of starting your first hour at a dry-fire range or a live-fire range. The live-fire range we normally use is the Paradise Rod & Gun Club's facility on Skyway. The dry-fire range (with computer-controlled targets, using laser ammo in your own handgun) is the same cost for instructor time but requires no range fee. (You'll also spend zip on expendable ammunition.)

Class Limits

For safety's sake we limit this class to two students per session.




  1. Contact us to arrange a date and time or check our Calendar for currently scheduled sessions.
  2. Return here to pay for the first hour of class:
Marksmanship Coaching
(BOT's Refund Policy)


That's it! We'll contact you with map and instructions, and will see you in class!