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Private and Private-Group Training Costs

We keep our classes small. (Our instructors have more fun that way.) Now and then we don't completely fill a class, but if someone's already registered we don't think being a few bodies shy is a good reason to not fulfill our commitment to people who signed up in good faith.

Here's how this works:

  • If you sign up for a class and you end up as a solo student because we didn't get additional registrations, you get the standard pricing.
  • If you request a private class for one (as you can with many of our classes), we'll charge an additional $20. (You can see from this that it would cost less to bring in a buddy.)

Caveat: some classes simply aren't suited to a one-student scenario. Examples are the NRA's RSO class, which requires multiple students to get best value from team exercises and work groups; and the Family Firearms Safety class, which is a family affair by definition.


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