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CLASSES and other info


Click here for info on our initial CCW classes

CCW Initial



Click here for info on our CCW renewal classes

CCW Renewal

(NEW: Online Option!)



Click here for info on adding a gun to your CCW

CCW Add a Gun



Click here for info on our New Shooter I classes

New Shooter I



Click here for info on our New Shooter II classes

New Shooter II



Click here for info on our New Shooter Combo classes

New Shooter Combo



Click here for info on our Marksmanship classes

Marksmanship Tuneup: Handguns



Click here for info on our two-class Holstering course

Holstering Course



Click here for info on civilian TASER Training

Civilian TASER Training



Click here for info on becoming an NRA certified Range Safety Officer

NRA RSO Certification



Click here for info on gun cleaning lessons

Gun Cleaning



Click here for info on situational awareness classes

Situational Awareness



"Thanks for the most comprehensive course I’ve had in ten years of carrying. Well done!"

HB about our CCW Renewal class

"Fantastic classes, learned much, can't wait to start practical training courses!"

SM about our New Shooter I and New Shooter II classes

"Would recommend to friends and family. Very happy with my decision to take my class here."

BG about our Initial CCW class

"Excellent course. Well worth the time. I think this is a course everyone could benefit from whether they want to be a Range Safety Officer or not"

PW about our NRA Range Safety Officer class

"I learned more in this class ON TOP of my knowledge from all four prior CCW classes combined."

GW about our Holstering I and Holstering II classes

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More Good Stuff

Picture of the FSC booklet   Firearms Safety Certificate

We offer the FSC testing and certificate immediately following our New Shooter I class (as it happens, an entire hour of great test prep all by itself). 

Alternative: get it done in a dedicated test session. This link takes you to our page with a full range of study materials prepared by the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms.

Either way, it's $25 and takes about half an hour.

FSC  CCW Application Assistance

Before setting up your initial CCW or CCW Renewal class it would be smart to get your application in to, and approved by, your local Sheriff. The process can vary by county (see Links for different county connections) but all cases involve filling out an application and submitting it with payment. Many counties use an online application, which can be tricky without a computer. Give us a call if you want a hand. (We do charge $20 for this, mostly so we don't get swamped.)

Image of the BOT billed hat

Get your very own hat here!


FAMILY SPECIAL on Situational Awareness

Three or more people over 12 in one family: $25 ea. on our Situational Awareness class. Group must include at least one adult. Read more here.


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