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We maintain this email list for two reasons: 

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We think ethics count. We don't exercise our politics in business communications, and won't ask you to change your opinion on something. However, now and then a shift in California firearms law can change how, where, and what you can carry. 

Sure, now and then we have sales or specials or other company news, and we'll let you know about those as well. (You know this is a business, right?) However, we won't slam your inbox every week or even every month.

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Black Oak Training, Inc.
P.O. Box 1731, Magalia CA 95954
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About Us

Black Oak Training, Inc. is a firearms-safety training facility in Butte County, California. We provide training and qualification for Butte, Nevada, and Tehama County concealed-carry permits along with a number of NRA and other classes.