New Shooter I

All about getting started in responsible gun ownership


$35 for the class;
add the Firearms Safety Certificate test for $25 more


Classroom Only. This course is for people seeking a basic firearms orientation. Especially good for first-time purchasers but will work well to introduce you to the ins and outs of your new or rediscovered handgun. We provide safe, hands-on discussion of the different types and actions, with an emphasis on safety and best fit with your own hand size, strength, and objectives. Firearms Safety Certificate testing availabe for an additional $25 and a few minutes. Talk with us if you want to take this test so we can provide you with study materials ahead of time.

To get your FSC apart from this class see Get your Firearms Safety Certificate.

What will this class do for you? In the last few months we've all seen unprecedented numbers of first-timers purchasing guns. If you're one of these, it's in your own and the community's best interests that you get solid grounding in the rules of safe handling before you ever fire a gun. We've also seen a few people appear at the range with a shiny new handgun, unaware that the one they bought actually is a poor fit for them. This class is an excellent place to start on both points.


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About Us

Black Oak Training, Inc. is a firearms-safety training facility in Butte County, California. We provide training and qualification for Butte, Nevada, and Tehama County concealed-carry permits along with a number of NRA and other classes.

Our New Shooter classes give you a great foundation for working with firearms, emphasizing safe handling and practical information you can use going forward.