CCW Holstering II

Holstering II is two hours long and is the second of two classes in this course.
This class is for current CCW holders only.

All about our Holstering Skills II class


$55, range fee included

(or: Venmo us! Call for details.)


Range Session. Once you've demonstrated a grasp of the multi-step draw concept taught in Holstering-I, we move into defensive shooting in a variety of scenarios. Class includes: drawing from concealment; trigger control; and shooting from instinctive, point, and flash-sight conditions. We teach you to engage targets from 6 to 21 feet out away. Must bring: a strong-side, outside the waistband holster.

You'll also learn and practice emergency reloading. We again go over situational awareness and concealment vs. cover. NOTE: No spectators, children, or pets are permitted in any live-fire class. Couples and buddies train at separate stations.

Download this checklist of items to bring to the range.

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About Us

Black Oak Training, Inc. is a firearms-safety training facility in Butte County, California. We provide training and qualification for Butte, Nevada, and Tehama County concealed-carry permits along with a number of NRA and other classes.

Our CCW classes cater to individuals who are serious about learning how to defend their own and others' lives. We don't teach you how to pass a test; we teach you how to survive attack.

Checking for max interstate reciprocity? Our CCW proof of qualification is accepted for non-resident Arizona and Florida CCW permits.