New Shooter II

All about your guided first-time range experience


$45 including range fee


Range Only. This course centers on marksmanship assessment and coaching by a four-time NRA Distinguished Expert Marksman. We assess your native marksmanship skills and help you start addressing the different factors that might stop you from achieving really effective marksmanship. We continue with safe loading and unloading techniques and start you on a good firearm maintenance regimen. This is a solid intro to working on a live-fire range, including range conventions and "etiquette" around other shooters. We also get you started on dry-fire skills for use at home. Highly recommended for those new to firearms before going for a CCW class.

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What will this class do for you? You can read all about the elements of marksmanship, but nothing can bring it to life and commit it to memory better than actual experience. For many this class is their first shooting opportunity with their new or rediscovered handgun, and perhaps their first ever task-focused experience at a live-fire range. You'll be accompanied by an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer so this also may be your first chance to consider the RSO's role in range safety. We strongly suggest you complete this class before going out to shoot solo.

(Need to get a range bag together? Download our handout About Range Bags.Here's a checklist of things to bring to the range, too.)

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About Us

Black Oak Training, Inc. is a firearms-safety training facility in Butte County, California. We provide training and qualification for Butte, Nevada, and Tehama County concealed-carry permits along with a number of NRA and other classes.

Our New Shooter classes give you a great foundation for working with firearms, emphasizing safe handling and practical information you can use going forward.