Image of the California Firearms Safety Certificate study handbook Get your Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC)

You need this California certificate to purchase a gun.  Expires every five years.

Study Resourcess

Here are some study resources you'll probably want to get into ahead of time:

  • A video overview of the process of getting an FSC, including highlights from the study guide and what you'll be asked to do in demonstrating your ability to safely unload, check, and reload a gun. (You'll be using dummy ammunition. Unless you're certain which type you plan to purchase, you'll also work with both a revolver and semi-automatic to be sure of covering all the bases.)

  • The official California Firearm Safety Certificate Handbook, provided by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), California Department of Justice.

  • Finally, a page of frequently asked FSC-related questions (and answers), also on the OAG website.

When you're ready, let's set a date for your test. You may wish to check our Calendar for an idea of open days, but keep in mind that we're a small, friendly company with an agile scheduling profile. We probably can fit you in on any day not otherwise committed.

On test day: after greetings you'll get up to about 45 minutes to handle this 30-question test. (You aren't likely to need all of that time.)

You'll walk out with a printed certificate, ready to make a purchase.

Next steps? Consider our New Shooter I and New Shooter II classes!

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