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Dry-Fire Range with Laser Ammo. Computer-driven, instructor-controlled simulations take you through realistic video scenarios that can branch to different outcomes either because of instructor keyboard input or because you hit a particular zone on a character. You'll review the scenario and your shot placement to improve decision making and marksmanship through instructor- and self-assessment and discussion.

What will this class do for you? When we first encountered dry-fire exercises (OK, admittedly, this was back in the Pleistocene) we were amazed by how these deceptively simply practices, performed off the range, improved our marksmanship at the next range session. Similarly, it's been gratifying to watch students make increasingly better choices in self-defense after a session or two of these video simulations with branching outcomes. We think it can only benefit any CCW student to engage with this tool, before or after your CCW class.

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About Us

Black Oak Training, Inc. is a firearms-safety training facility in Butte County, California. We provide training and qualification for Butte, Nevada, and Tehama County concealed-carry permits along with a number of NRA and other classes.

Our CCW classes cater to individuals who are serious about learning how to defend their own and others' lives. We don't teach you how to pass a test; we teach you how to survive attack.

Checking for max interstate reciprocity? Our CCW proof of qualification is accepted for non-resident Arizona and Florida CCW permits.